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Biopolitics & Privatization

Biopolitics & Privatization

Hughes Creek Road Public Access - Below is a timeline of the continuing obstruction of our Public Access to our USFS Public Lands in Ravalli County, on the Hughes Creek County Road. Bundy invited by landowners to get involved (Nevada armed standoff w/ BLM & Malheur armed occupation).

Hughes Creek Co. Rd. blocked by private landowner locked gate for over 30 yrs, has been contested during that time.
1/25/2017 - Ravalli Co. Comm. voted to reject the landowner petition to abandon portion of Hughes Creek Rd.
4/2017 - landowners sue - case is dismissed
7/20/2017 - Landowners in Hughes Creek Rd road suit ask Montana Supreme Court to intervene dismissal of lawsuit.
10/12/2017 - Attorney for landowners filed part of his brief in the form of a theatrical play.
7/20/2018 - MT Supreme Court upholds Ravalli Co. Comm. decision to reject landowner petition for abandonment.
9/2018 - Landowners file 2nd appeal
7/9/2019 - MT Sup. Court denies 2nd appeal, Ravalli County Comm. gives landowners 30 days to remove gate or the county will do it.
9/11/2019 After Bundy is invited into situation by landowners, he writes blog article.

PEER: NEW PARK SERVICE E-BIKE ORDER INVALID - NPS Edict Violates Federal Laws and Misinterprets Interior Directive
"A new National Park Service order allowing electric bicycles on park trails violates several federal laws, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) which is threatening to sue any park that implements it. Significantly, the acting NPS Director, who issued the order, did not follow the instructions given by the Secretary of Interior."

Theft of our public lands - "The Interior Department is transferring public lands (CA, AZ, NM) to the Pentagon for construction of about 70 miles of border wall, in a move likely to ratchet up controversy over one of the Trump administration’s signature projects. The action by Interior Secretary David Bernhardt moves jurisdiction over about 560 acres currently overseen by the Bureau of Land Management to the U.S. Army, which will use it to construct barriers the president has said will help secure the nation’s southern border against illegal migration."

FWP to pay for CWD testing statewide

Hunters who harvest a deer, elk or moose in these areas should stop at a local CWD-sampling check station to have the animal sampled. FWP staff will collect samples and submit them for testing.

"We argue that the Montana Constitution mandates restoration of public, wild bison in our state.
There are no public, wild bison, year-round, in Montana – not by the legal definition of wild bison, nor by a biological definition of wildness. (Wild Bison and the Law)"
Please contact Governor Steve Bullock at and FWP Director Martha Williams recommending restoration of public, wild bison on the CMR National Wildlife Refuge, fulfilling a mandate of our Montana state Constitution.

Our most powerful, high-tech climate solution? Our forests - World Economic Forum
"International focus on fossil fuels has overshadowed most powerful & cost-efficient carbon-capture technology world has yet seen: #forests. Scientific research confirms forests are absolutely essential in mitigating Climate Change - carbon sequestering & storage capabilities."

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